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In-Person Once Again

Early summer in Colorado is always pure magic. The meadows are green, the creeks are swollen and the wildflowers return one by one in their familiar, reassuring order. As I hike Boulder's Anne U. White Trail I whisper their common names to myself: "Golden Banner," "Chickweed," "Solomon's Seal," "Penstemon," "Western Wallflower." Each one is a...Continue reading

12 Years of Me & TNE

2019 Jeff here. Paige and I met in grad. school for environmental education in '05. We both graduated in '07, full of fire and passion, certain that we needed to do something creative, timely and drastic to help save the planet. But we didn't become full-time "Jeff & Paige" until '11. Between '07-'11 my work...Continue reading

Meadow Music Season #15

Meadow Music Season #15 is less than a week away and for the 1st time since 2007 I’ll have to take the MM stage without Paige. I’m sure that many of you think we’re crazy when you discover that Paige and I are married and work together. And yeah, you’re probably right. There are numerous reasons most...Continue reading

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