Libraries, parks, amphitheaters, inside, outside, we do it all.

Hire us to make your community event educational, entertaining and fun!

Jeff & Paige will tailor their concert to your themes and needs.

We can do a full performance with a story that runs throughout, or a more loosely designed show with skits and music. All of our concerts feature our original music, stories, costumes and characters!

For libraries: Every year we design a show around the Summer Reading Program theme . We’d love to come to your hometown and perform!

Contact us for rates and scheduling.

“Having seen plenty of good children’s performances I was amazed at their ability to connect with the crowd and their success getting the kids involved. I was impressed with Paige and Jeff’s creative use of our program goal which was how to be a more thoughtful steward of the earth. They accomplished this through imaginative and catchy songwriting as well as a deep knowledge of the scientific and culture sides of the issues, not to mention some great costumes and props! Before our show I had spoken with a parent who admitted to having seen Paige and Jeff 15 times! Now I know why, the kids were having a blast dancing and learning… and so was I.”