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  • Fri

    New Year's Day Kids' Concert

    10-11am MST

    Your Home, Your Device

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    An hour-long Jeff & Paige concert loaded with science education, costumes, audience interaction and New Year cheer. Free and open to absolutely everyone thanks to the City of Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks Dept. Show geared towards kid ages 3-8.

    Gather these items ahead of time & we'll cue when/how to use 'em during the event!

    1) A one-bite snack
    2) A flashlight
    3) Something green you can quickly put on
    4) A funny hat!

    Finally, print out this "3 Wishes and a Star" worksheet/example. Fill it out ahead of time, during or after the show. We'll show you our Jeff & Paige versions during a break from the concert. 


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