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  • Wed

    August Livestreams for Patreon Members

    Here's what's coming up in August for our online community. Join the party for as little as $1!


    August 5 at 4pm MT- Triple Rainbow Supporters & Energy Superheroes 
    Join two of your favorite carnivores for an exploration of meat eaters around the world! These two crazy characters will explore what makes carnivores so special, play a carnivore game, and host a sing-along -- carnivore style! Watch out the rattlesnake and bobcat are good friends now but they've had a contentious relationship, we'll see what hosting their own show brings up for them! 
    August 12 at 10am MT- Energy Superheroes
    Ever done a Mad Lib before? They're hilarious! Whether you know Mad Libs or not I'll bet nobody here, us included, has ever made a live, virtual group Mad Lib. So join us for the co-creation of this silly nature story that may, or more likely may not, make sense. All you need is a view out the window ( or a spot outdoors!) and a mouth for smiling. We'll also read aloud some pre-made nature Mad Libs from some of our Energy Superheroes. And maybe even make some of it into a song! 
    August 19 at 10am MT- All tiers
    Join Professors Bunsen and Ehrlenmeyer in the outdoor laboratory for an experimental ice cream party! These two wacky scientists invite you to enjoy an experimental tasty treat!  Will make our own ice cream, revisit states of matter (from our Hotter Than Chocolate Livestream watch it here!), and of course sing some songs. 
    August 26 at 4pm MT- Energy Superheroes
    It's time for another game show edition Livestream! We'll play a mystery science game, name that Jeff and Paige Tune, Creature match (match the creature to the song), and leave time for songs and dancing as well. Dress up in your most ridiculous game show host outfits!! 
  • Sat

    Boulder Library Livestream - Summer of Discovery


    Your Home, Your Device

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    Hop online to celebrate the end of the Boulder Public Library's Summer of Discovery with  Boulder "edu-tainers" Jeff & Paige. Expect live science and nature themed music for kids, educational skits, quick costume changes and loads of audience participation. We'll bookend the program with 2 co-creations, a story and a song, using input from the audience in the chat bar.

    Free and open to everyone thanks to the Boulder Public Library.