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Audience Demographics

Jeff & Paige have a large regional following in Colorado and a growing audience nationwide. Their primary Colorado audience is Denver, Boulder, the Greater Front Range, & mountain community residents. These are families with kids ages 3-9. The Jeff and Paige audience typically consists of outdoorsy, eco-conscious upper-middle class families.

Social Media: Jeff and Paige have a fun and active following on these social media outlets:

These are meaningful “follows,” cultivated through hundreds of hours of public contact.

Jeff and Paige’s email list has an average of a 40% open rate for email campaigns. The industry average is only 17.3%!

Our 2022 Sponsoring Partners

Open Space and Mountain Parks

Boulder's Open Space & Mountain Parks (OSMP) are a very special place. The open space lands teem with native plants and wildlife and are home to threatened and endangered species. They serve as a buffer between Boulder and nearby development. They sustain agriculture uses and add untold benefits to the natural environment - clean air, water, and earth. Open Space & Mountain Parks manages over 145 miles of trails! And educates the visitors and residents who use them.

Oatis Organic Oatmilk

Jeff & Paige are thrilled to have Oatis Organic Oatmilk as an annual partner, a company that just gets it. They get what/why we do and they truly embody the concept of a sustainable company: zero waste (beautiful glass bottles that are sanitized/re-used), organic (oats are a nurse crop and good for soil), local (Boulder-born and Boulder-made), helping make this world a better place and might we add that it froths beautifully. FREE home delivery, Denver to Longmont! Or find Oatis at Moxie Bread Co. and at Cured in Boulder.

Check out and get signed up for free, home delivery!

Mountain Mamas

Mountain Mamas is a Colorado nonprofit, working on safeguards that will clean up Colorado’s air, protect our public lands and prevent the worst impacts of the climate crisis for the future of our kids. Mamas envision a future with clean air and water for our families, climate justice for all communities, and protected public lands that allow our children to enjoy our outdoor quality of life for generations to come. Every day, we get closer to making that vision a reality by organizing Mamas across the Rocky Mountains and ensuring we are at the table where decisions are being made. Learn more about us at

Learn more:

Nude Foods Market

Nude Foods Market is Boulder's first zero waste grocery store (they also deliver to Denver!) No plastic packaging in sight - everything comes in reusable, returnable jars (or you can refill your own containers) and is mostly local, organic or rescued.
They're a full service store, offering everything from ProducePrepared Meals and Groceries to Cleaning ProductsBody Care and Bulk. Plus they offer a changing weekly menu of scratch-made prepared meals, perfect for busy families.

Childish Things Consignment Boutique

Childish Things is Boulder’s premier consignment store for kid’s, women, and mom’s to be and has been serving families in the community for over 40 years!  CT has been owned for 28 years now by a local mom and boasts a splendid selection of both new and secondhand items—everything from clothes to toys to furniture to books. In keeping with messages of sustainability, they also have many eco-friendly lunch products for kid’s lunchboxes and day camps—Laptop Lunches Bento system, Klean Kanteen, Re-Play recycled dinnerware, and SnackPack sandwich bags.

Shopping secondhand helps the environment, provides local jobs and gives back to people in our community!

Contact us for more info and to discuss packages!