Summer Camp '22!

Jeff & Paige are headed back to day camp with Thorne Nature Experience this summer ‘22! We’ll be guest presenters at 4 of the 5 sessions of Thorne’s Eco-Explorers day camp, kids aged 4-6. 

One day/session Jeff & Paige will be onsite to emphatically and theatrically share our love of music, dancing, science discovery, and the outdoors! Campers will not only see a live concert but be a part of creating the experience for their grown-ups!

We’ll have lunch with campers, rotate through 4 J&P-designed stations and then put it all together in the form of a closing concert for the parents! It’s a great opportunity to connect with us on a deeper and more intimate level than at a J&P concert. And vice versa!

This "Camp Experience" is the perfect introductory Thorne Camp for budding nature lovers. Eco-Explorers will connect with nature through daily activities like games, songs, storytelling, art creations, and most importantly nature exploration. Four times a session campers will take a field trip from Sombrero Marsh to a nearby nature area.

And if Eco-Explorers isn’t the right camp for your kid, not to worry. Plenty of other Thorne camps from which to choose!  And to sweeten the deal Jeff & Paige fans can use discount code "J&P2022" for 10% off any Thorne camp, not just Eco-Explorers!

Details for all of Thorne’s many day camps go live on 12/20/21, plenty of time to scout the right camp experience before registration officially opens on Jan. 11th.

"When I grow up I don't want to be a princess anymore, I want to be a bat!" ~ Lily after attending Jeff & Paige camp 2017.

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