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Summer Camp '24!

Jeff is headed back to day camp with Thorne Nature Experience this summer ‘24! Jeff will be a guest presenter at 5 of the 6 sessions of Thorne’s Eco-Explorers day camp, kids aged 5-6. 

One day/session Jeff will be onsite to emphatically and theatrically share his love of music, dancing, science discovery, and the outdoors!

This day camp is the perfect introductory Thorne Camp for budding nature lovers. Eco-Explorers will connect with nature through daily activities like games, songs, storytelling, art creations, and most importantly nature exploration. 

And if Eco-Explorers isn’t the right camp for your kid, not to worry. Plenty of other Thorne camps from which to choose!  To sweeten the deal Jeff & Paige fans can use discount code "J&P2024" for 5% off any Thorne camp, not just Eco-Explorers!

Camp registration opens Jan. 10th @ 5pm.

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Eco-Explorers with Jeff


Eco-Explorers with Jeff

Eco-Explorers with Jeff

Eco-Explorers with Jeff