School Assemblies


Make Science Super Fun!

Tired of boring lectures? Liven up your classroom with Jeff & Paige's awesome science assemblies! These interactive shows are packed with catchy tunes, wacky costumes, and tons of audience participation. Kids will be learning without even realizing it!

From energy conservation to the food web, Jeff & Paige cover a variety of cool science topics. They can even tailor their program to fit your specific grade level. Get ready for a blast of science fun – contact us today!

We offer a variety of different assemblies for elementary school students. All assemblies feature original music, stories, costumes, and science-education!

Teachers and parents love our performances because they integrate science and the arts and are incredibly interactive. We can do assemblies for the whole school at once (kindergarten through 5th grade) or we can tailor our assembly to two different age groups. For example: Kindergarten-2nd grade & 3rd - 5th grade separately.

We also love to do grade-specific performances. During these smaller concerts we can really dig into your grade-specific science curriculum. Our assemblies are a great way to wrap up a unit of study or to kick one off.

Themes include:

Energy Conservation, Water Conservation and Awareness, The Food Web , Plants, and Insects

Don't see your theme listed here? Be sure to ask. We have a wide variety of material to choose from and we're always happy to hear what our audience is looking for.

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What teachers & students are saying about our in-school performances:

“Jeff & Paige’s school assemblies are overflowing with current environmental information, humor, and most importantly kindness toward all animals and the world we all share.

The shows that I have been lucky enough to see have students fully engaged. That’s no easy task with hundreds of kids sitting on a floor in a gymnasium.

The authentic costumes and music bring kids to a wonderful imaginary world that is inspiring. The fact that they fit so much usable, research-based content, into each program is a testament to their knowledge and life experiences.

I applaud them both for their creativity, musical talents, and their ability to transfer critical details about water usage, animals, and their habitats, so skillfully to the students and grown ups in their audiences.

Jeff and Paige are taking edutainment to a whole new level. ”


“Just wanted to say what a fantastic show you put on for the little ones at BCSIS today (I’m sure the one for the big kids was just as good too!).

Really…I don’t think I have ever taken kindergartners to an hour long assembly in which the only reason I got up was to dance:) Wendell was very jealous when I told him and hopes you will be back next year when he is in Kindergarten.”


“Jeff and Paige,
Never, ever underestimate the positive impact you have on young people’s lives. the assembly was awesome as always, but watching my babies in our classroom overcome with joy from your mini-show was truly priceless.

I have one student who I have rarely seen smile and she was beaming. The shy, quiet students came to life. We will watch the short videos I took tomorrow and I just know the kids are going to get so excited all over again.

Of course, all of the teachers were raving and the upper grade teachers were lamenting that they missed it. : (”


“Dear Jeff & Paige,
I noticed that you guys like rainbows, I too have a pair of rainbow socks and love rainbow! I learned so much about energy during your assembly. I also learned about how trees make their own food out of the carbon dioxide that we breathe out. So we’re pretty much a trees take whatever you want grocery store! I remember all the songs. My favorite was the opera about giardia because of the funny skit.

I will also remember the three different types of fossil fuels That was one of my favorite parts. Thank you so much for that fun, wonderful, exciting, terrific, funny, factual and interesting performance. GO RAINBOW! ”


“That boy and girl really got me thinking about how beautiful nature is.”