The Jeff and Paige Membership, What’s It all about?


Community Supported Music Membership With Jeff & Paige

It's like Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)... but for music!

The Jeff and Paige Membership asks you to invest a monthly amount (or pay annually and receive a 10% discount) to allow us to provide you with all sorts of goodies throughout the year, both in-person and virtual. AND it's a really reasonable cost, just $10/month. We're guessing that's less than what you spend on coffee out with a friend. 

What is Community Supported Music?

Most of us have heard of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), “a system in which a farm operation is supported by shareholders within the community who share both the benefits and risks of food production.” Similarly, in the Jeff and Paige CSM Model you invest a monthly amount, just $10 per month, and Jeff and Paige provide you with all sorts of educational goodies throughout the year, both in-person and virtual.

The farmer has a season in which they can offer their goods and products abundantly and a season for preparation, planning, and restoration of the land. Jeff and Paige also have a season of abundant offerings and performances, many of them free to attend.

In the winter the work switches to a focus on school assemblies,  the production of new music, videos, and products. Winter is when Jeff and Paige "sow the seeds" for the next phase of performing and community offerings.

When you sign up for Jeff and Paige’s Community Supported Music Membership  you are signing up to support music and the arts throughout the year, through a small monthly contribution. And in exchange you’ll receive access to the following member perks (our version of your “weekly veggies”).

Your Membership Gets  You:

  • Twice Monthly livestream science and nature shows with Jeff and Paige!
  • One pre-recorded, hands-on science or nature activity/month you can do with your kids or have them do on their own. (i.e. - Follow along and make a bird nest out of found nature objects with us!)
  • A highlighted “Music Video of the Month” and accompanying 1 pg. Printable (i.e. Watch our “Scoop-a-Doop-Poop” video and then try your luck at the “Get the Dog Poop to the Refuse Bucket” Maze!)
  • Access to Jeff & Paige's entire library of on-demand nature activities, science experiments, and storytimes.
  • Bonus content, special offers, and first dibs on live events!
  • Early access to our live shows and new products.
    Animated announcements from our fish, bubbles, our monster Monty, and our Owl -- Owlivia. (with more characters on the way).
    Members-only Meet and Greets with Jeff and Paige.

Your Membership Gives:

  • Musical programming for Thousands of children across the calendar year.
  • Science and nature activities to Hundreds of members (including yourself). (These become the building blocks of environmental stewardship.)
  • FREE educational music videos on the Jeff and Paige YouTube channel.
  • The creation of new music, content and albums for thousands of families to learn from, connect around and enjoy. 
  • Jeff and Paige and their family. Like a CSA membership, this is a Community Supported Music Membership.

Get your membership NOW and be a part of the Winter Membership Drive for extra special PERKS!