Jeff & Paige Supermoon Shoot

The Jeff and Paige Winter Membership Drive! Join Now.

We (Jeff and Paige) are doing something wild. We need 400 new Jeff and Paige members by the end of 2021.

We are continuing to believe in the power of music, community and science and nature education. It’s our biggest campaign yet!

Yes, the pandemic has played a role, but it’s also been a teacher for us to begin to think of the scope and reach of our work as educators and entertainers. We want to continue to do this work in and beyond our community for years to come, but that doesn’t happen in a vacuum and it is not sustainable without a wide membership base. In short WE NEED YOU. If you are reading this, we are talking to you. If you are already a member, thank you. And please pass this on to a friend. 

Climate change is happening, environmental and social crises are growing, kids and families need more support than ever before to navigate this next phase of life on earth. Jeff and Paige are a part of the solution. Through our joyful spirit of play, educational and catchy lyrics, and clever skits and antics, we reach thousands of children with nature and science education and messaging. That education translates into the early stages of connecting with nature and understanding science. These are the building blocks of creating the next generation of climate activists and problem solvers with a grounding in the natural world. 

The Jeff and Paige membership takes learning beyond a concert experience. The activities and tools in the membership empower parents, teachers, and caregivers to become nature and science mentors in children's lives. 

Why is this important? Slowing down and connecting with our kids in a meaningful and engaged activity helps  children (and grown ups) regulate their nervous systems. When you add in a nature and science component to that mix it doubles the impact. So yes, members are learning about science and nature, but they are also learning skills to slow down and become calm and peaceful in themselves. These are some of the essential skills the world needs as we grow the next generation of environmental stewards, and the next generation of humans that will lead our world.

The Jeff and Paige membership, through simple activities and experiments, livestream science and nature shows, and exciting new monthly videos and animations gives parents, teachers, and caregivers the tools and creativity that they need to bring nature and science to life at home or in the classroom. The best part it's not some huge commitment and it's low cost at just $10/ month.

You want to spend your money where it will have an impact. Becoming a Jeff and Paige members supports:

Every Month Your Membership Gets You:

  • Hands on nature and science activities to do at home.
  • Connected family time with Jeff and Paige as your guide.
  • Access to Jeff and Paige Livestream Science and Nature Shows.
  • Access to our library of hundreds of nature activities.
  • Printables, animated announcements and music videos.
  • Exclusive Jeff and Paige in-person experiences (quarterly).

Every Month Your Membership Supports:

  • Musical programming for Thousands of children across the calendar year.
  • Science and nature activities to Hundreds of members (including yourself). (These become the building blocks of environmental stewardship.)
  • FREE educational music videos on the Jeff and Paige YouTube channel.
  • The creation of new music, content and albums for thousands of families to learn from, connect around and enjoy. 
  • Jeff and Paige and their family. Like a CSA membership, this is a Community Supported Music Membership. 
We have set the audacious goal of 400 new Jeff and Paige members by December 31st, 2021. If we reach or surpass this goal it will allow Jeff and Paige to continue to reach thousands of children, parents, and teachers all year long. 
A note for those readers who do not have children between the ages of 2-8. We know you might not want to receive weekly science and nature activities from Jeff and Paige, but we know you love the scope of our work. And that’s why, even if you are not currently in the Jeff and Paige demographic, we are asking you to consider a Jeff and Paige membership.
It’s not just about what you get it’s about what you give.

Thank you for reading, Jeff and Paige