Join Jeff & Paige at the WOW! Museum 9.11.22

WOW! Children's Museum Fundraiser Concert and Playtime: Sun. Sept 11th, 4-6pm

Do you know the WOW! Children's Museum in Lafayette, CO? If you live in the Front Range and you have young kids then the answer most certainly should be "yes!"

Here's the two main reasons why Jeff & Paige are donating our time, equipment, marketing and love to this upcoming, fun, fundraiser:

  • WOW! is a 501c3, community supported non-profit and beloved small business in our community.
  • WOW! has been a big part of our own kids' early childhood explorations of science, sharing and play!

Allow me to elaborate on that 2nd bullet (it's Jeff typing by the way).

I'm not big on big outings with kids. Sporting events, amusement parks off the highway and/or big museums with big parking lots and lines to get checked in? Not for me, at least when I have a 7 and a 3 year old along with me.

WOW! is chill. WOW! is close. WOW! is downtown in a thriving family community. And while Paige and I don't live in Lafayette I know many of you who do and I'm envious that you can walk right up to their front door.

Our family is a recurring Annual Member at a very reasonable $115/yr.

Yes, we love to support a local, education-based non-profit. But it's more than that. WOW! supports us right back giving us a reliable, hands-on "what-to-do-today?" option in a not-massive, well-contained space that frees parents from hovering. And often allows us parents to informally connect with one another around parenting. Imagine that!

Whether you've been to WOW! 100 times or never set foot on the giant pirate ship, we hope you'll join us in celebrating and supporting this irreplaceable, family/community gem.

Only 100 tickets available and our humble hypothesis? They won't last long! See you at WOW! in September and many times thereafter!