Meadow Music Season 20!

Our 20th summer of Meadow Music kicked off last Monday, 6/3/24! It’s the program that began our whole journey from passionate grad schoolers to Front Range family fixtures.


People often ask us if we get bored of doing show after show after show in this community. And I think the underlying question there is “Are you trying to grow out of the Front Range to bigger venues and/or other cities?” It’s a good question.


And the answer is… we are really happy right here in Boulder County doing live community shows for small crowds: amphitheaters, small stages, fields, porches, farm truck flatbeds, etc. It’s important to us that your kids see us (and our homemade props) up close, witness us make errors onstage (and make light of them), high five us after the show and then see us around town getting ice cream or groceries with our own kids.


So you probably won’t ever see Jeff & Paige headlining the Superbowl halftime show with a killer laser show, multi-million dollar stage build and sleek backup dancers in silver spandex (OK, maybe a few friends dancing in silver spandex for a special show 🙂 And we’re good with that.


The kids who comprised the audiences in the first decade of Meadow Music are now middle schoolers, high schoolers, college kids or early 20s young adults. We have been stopped for photo opps by so many teenagers this spring; teens who used to be front row 5 year olds and still recognize our rainbow socks around town. And that to us is magic. And growth. Growth that is marked by time and dedication to place and community, not by brighter levels up/out.

The best way to ensure these programs continue for the next 20 years = our membership. Rainbow Socks’ low-cost membership began as a life raft during COVID-19 and has since morphed into more of an NPR style of sustained support from our superfans.

  • Memberships and donations ensure that Jeff & Paige have the financial resources to bring you the programming that you love!
  • Memberships and donations help pay for music streaming, new albums and song releases, Video content on YouTube and so many other costs that artists like us can’t recoup without your help.
  • Memberships and donations are the steady stream of financial support that allow us to thrive while continuing to subsidize 40+ events/year.


Whether you’re already a member, choose to become a member/make a one-time donation or just come see us live and do all the hand motions, we are SUPER DUPER grateful for you, the network of supportive families who make it fun, meaningful and possible to have a thriving arts and education business here in Boulder County and slightly beyond. ♥️