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Happy Hour Concert With Jeff and Paige at Supermoon Boulder!

On Wednesday November 10th Jeff and Paige perform a concert at Supermoon Boulder! Doors are at 4pm with the concert starting at 4:30. There is a kid and family friendly menu and delicious drinks and food. After school or work this will be a lovely chance to connect and do something fun with the family while still getting home for a reasonable bedtime. Allow me to be totally cliche and say that this event could well be your answer to getting through "hump day."

Jeff and Wolf play the free of charge "claw machine"

When Jeff and Paige craft their lives shows and offerings we are always on the lookout for venues that can handle family and children in their space. And let's be honest, there are not a whole lot of them left in the direct Boulder area. Enter SUPERMOON!

This newly designed funky and fun restaurant and hang out space has "releasing your inner child as one of the key pillars of Supermoon’s culture." You won't have to worry about a thing once you enter the doors. We'll have a fun, engaging, educational concert and safe space for the kids to play while you have drinks and enjoy your family. When Jeff and I visited Supermoon with our children, 2 and 6, they played with toys, met a new friend, had a great dinner and asked to go back the second we left!

So what about COVID? Well, Jeff and I hemmed and hawed on this a bit. This new series at Supermoon (November 10, November 27, and Dec. 8th) will be our first indoor offering since the start of the pandemic. In the end our decision to move forward  with an indoor offering is based in three things:

a) We need to make a living. And so do the local people who own restaurants and businesses in town.
b) Without social interaction we wither.We want to take our own children to places out in the world and this is an essential part of being in and supported by a community.
c) We've safely attended other kid friendly venues: museums, bounce house places, and even an indoor restaurant or two. We're masking  and taking care in the ways that feel important.

For anyone in our audience who wants to support music, education and the arts  but doesn't feel comfortable with an indoor event we'd love for you to become a Jeff and Paige member, where you can support Jeff and Paige AND see them virtually twice every month during our live streamed science and nature shows. 

Family dinner at Supermoon!

Tickets for November 10th are on sale now!

See you soon, at Supermoon! 

*limited space available. Please bring a mask for all humans.