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Jeff & Paige’s 1st Ever Crowd Funding Campaign. Please Contribute!

We want to reach more kids, teachers, and parents than we can possibly access with our physical selves. Our latest album—Little Songs, Big Science: Musical STEAM For Kids is our first big attempt to do this.

Little Songs, Big Science is more than just an album. We have a far-reaching vision to go along with it. We want to get this science and nature-based album into the hands of teachers, preschoolers, and parents far beyond our live performances. And we want to give those families and schools the tools they need to have a full Jeff and Paige experience.

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Here’s the place to learn what Jeff and Paige are up to behind the scenes. A place to visit for fun ways to connect your kids to nature using our music and otherwise. And if we get really wild some pictures and tales from our travels to schools, cities, and festivals!