Childish Things Consignment Rocks OUR World!

When our son Wolf was born Jeff and I were thrown, as all of us are, into a new level of consumerism. “How can such little beings need so much stuff!?,” we wondered, as I’m sure many of you have as well. Of course, there are ways to raise those little bundles of poop and tears with a minimal amount of stuff, but there is also that magical idea that just the right swing might get them to sleep fifteen minutes longer and let you unload the dishwasher.

As environmentally-minded folks, Jeff and I did not want to buy a bunch of new things and as a soon to be mother, I was struck with an irrational fear of anything that might be dirty or have germs for my precious newborn! At the same time friends and relatives were asking me where and what to buy, a lovely idea, but a terrifying proposition for a minimalist who wants to live lightly on the earth. We didn’t need to go the way of Zero Impact Man, but we didn’t want adding a new life to the planet to also mean adding loads of stuff to the world.

Around this time and to our great relief we discovered Childish Things Consignment on the corner of Walnut and 30th in Boulder, Colorado. This fabulous consignment store had everything we needed, from maternity wear and cloth diapers to toys, clothes, and shoes for kids all the way through elementary school. They even offer a registry for people expecting new babies!

When Childish Things came on as a Jeff and Paige sponsor I sat down with owner Kerri Radicella to get a better idea of their business model and offerings for the community. There is so much I love about Childish Things, I think the best way for me to share it with you efficiently is through a list. Some of this is in my own words and some is in the words of Radicella:

Top 10 Reasons to LOVE Childish Things

  • This is a high quality shopping experience. The items Childish Things sells are clean and carefully chosen by their consignment team. There is no weird thrift store smell and the merchandise is nicely displayed!

  • The staff carefully screens everything for recalls, safety and completeness– “because we think it’s super necessary to keep kids safe, and because it’s morally correct.”

  • The average cost of a piece of children’s clothing is $8.79. “This might look high to some folks who usually shop at discount stores, but when you take into account that we only accept better brands, it’s a good bargain.”

  • You can find all that baby stuff for SO MUCH LESS MONEY, and then when your kids use it for 1 month and is done you can sell it back to Childish Things as a consigner, it’s the best!!

  • You don’t add more junk to the world.

  • Wolf (our son) loves playing at Childish Things while I shop. It’s super easy to shop with kids because of the play area, small environment, & staff who love kids.

  • I love shopping here before plane/car/bus rides for activities, books, & new toys to keep Wolf engaged for our trip.

  • What doesn’t sell is donated (unless you want to come pick it up) and their donations count! Childish Things donated over 2000 items to LOCAL charities in the last year.

  • You support small local business: Childish Things is a staple of the community. The store has been in business since 1981, and owned by Radicella since 1994.

  • They are a Jeff and Paige sponsor of two years and they let us take these ridiculous photos.

I’m feeling passionate about small business these days. When we shop locally we support our true community, pay taxes that support Open Space lands and Public Transportation, and as I’ve seen on the internet a few times,

When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance.

~ Anonymous

Visit Childish Things today for holiday shopping, baby gifts, kids clothes, maternity wear, and more! They are located in the shopping plaza at Walnut and 30th in Boulder, Colorado.

And I (Paige) might see you there shopping in the maternity section… hidden reveal for avid readers! Mention your knowledge of this news to Jeff and Paige for a hug or virtual high five.