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Releasing My Inner Bobcat

Paige the bobcat circa 2010 photo credit Caroline Colvin.

I've been dressing up like a bobcat on stage since 2008. And I don't want to stop. So I'm releasing my inner bobcat and fighting for my work as an artist and performer. It's the fight of a mother/provider, it's the fight of an animal, it's the fight of a highly trained educator that knows this work is important in the world. I almost gave up last month, I started looking for jobs, I cried... a lot, and then I picked myself up and found my voice and vision coming back again.
Jeff and Paige have been performing nature and science based music and teaching children through creative action and costumes since 2005. Now we bring you "The Jeff and Paige Community Supported Music Membership."

The Jeff and Paige Membership has three purposes.

  1. It provides families with fun, simple, and engaging science and nature activities to do at home. Jeff and Paige are the guides through videos, twice monthly live science and nature shows, and printable materials, but YOU, the grown up are the hero. YOU are the one who plays and creates and makes magic happen at home with your kids through the activities.
  2.  It supports small business owners and artists to create a sustainable solution to a performance-based business model.
  3. It is an antidote to some of the most popular "children's entertainment" that's out there today. Inspired by Mr. Rogers Jeff and Paige's educational offerings speak directly to children, and their parents, by speaking playfully, clearly, and straight to the heart. We don't "dumb it down" nor do we overly ham it up. We are real people with real hearts that we wear on our sleeves. We want to be role models for kind connected people, just like Fred Rogers was.

The Jeff and Paige Membership is an investment in the creation of community for families. As our membership grows so will our offerings, here's some of what's on the horizon IF we can meet our fundraising goal:

  • Small group  in-person events for kids to connect with Jeff and Paige and each other.
  • Parent workshops and discussion groups on subjects like "how to talk with our kids about climate change."
  • Guest interviews and appearances during our livestreams.
  • Partners and special offers for members all with a focus on sustainable living, and mindful parenting.
  • We'll also be adding more content for older kids so that our offerings grow with our audience...
    • Who wants to be a leader of the first ever Jeff and Paige Neighborhood Nature Club?
    • What about the Family Camp Out?
    • How about a backup dancer during the honeybee dance?

When you invest in a Jeff and Paige membership you invest in creating the next generation of environmental stewards * You invest in creating community * You invest in meaningful connections around important subjects in your own family and beyond.

Become a Member NOW to support science, nature, music, connection and community ALL YEAR LONG