Meadow Music Season #15

Meadow Music Season #15 is less than a week away and for the 1st time since 2007 I’ll have to take the MM stage without Paige.

I’m sure that many of you think we’re crazy when you discover that Paige and I are married and work together. And yeah, you’re probably right. There are numerous reasons most people opt not to work alongside their spouse, especially onstage! I’ll spare you the yellow-brick road but suffice to say it has been a long, long journey for Paige and me to find a balance of work, love and family. If nothing else, we’ve gotten really good at ignoring the urge to tell one another what we did wrong after each show 🙂

And now, with the recent arrival of our daughter Alice, I’ll have to stand/sing in front of you without my wife by my side. And even though it’s just kids’ music and costumes I’m kind of terrified.

Paige and I have created an onstage formula and flow that works for us and works for our audience of primarily 3-7 year olds and their big people. Of course I love my wife but I also trust and rely on her professionally. If you come to Monday June 10th’s Meadow Music season opener I suspect you’ll witness some slightly awkward costume changes and mid-song transitions from me, places where Paige and I would normally play off one another without pause. Regardless, I’m grateful to keep doing this 15 years and running, grateful for my friend Andy whose piano keys will help fill the void (and Mark’s screaming electric guitar for the remainder of the season!) and grateful for the opportunity to continue share my love and appreciation of the natural world through songs, skits, hikes and mics.

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