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Lovers of the Outdoors Affected by Coronavirus, by Kayla Duck

Outside is fun with Jeff and Paige! Kids will find that the outdoors is a magical and wonderful world with this crazy couple! Jeff and Paige live in Boulder, Colorado, and they perform events for kids of all ages.

They teach kids how to be safe in the outdoors and convince kids to get off screens in a fun way! In this article, you will learn what changes and hardships Jeff and Paige now face due to the unfortunate events of Covid-19.

Jeff and Paige came up with their business in 2011. They wanted to teach kids about nature and science and why it’s important to take care of the Earth. They also wanted to teach kids and their parents in a way that was interesting and fun, instead of scary or boring.

Coronavirus has had a huge impact on Jeff and Paige’s business, because all of their income is earned through live events, and everything has had to be canceled for the next 2-3 months.

Reporter: Did you do online events to help you or other people?

Paige: Both. We had already planned to launch an online subscription platform, but when this happened, we sped it up. It now enables us to do livestreams where people can tune in - people are hungry to see familiar faces and to connect. Our first livestream last week felt surprisingly special for us...we love sharing our performances with others, but also it gathered all of these people together in a moment despite the fact that we were on separate computers instead of on a common meadow or lawn. Also, we did it because we love the work. We would be lost without it.

Reporter: What problems are you facing?

Paige: Definitely having to figure out how to make money in a different way. We have sought patrons to support our online business with small monthly contributions. We are also trying to work with a 10 month old and 5 year old at home. It’s a challenge.

Reporter: What worries do you have?

Paige: I’m trying not to worry because I know worrying doesn’t accomplish anything. When I have worries that come into my head, I have practices I follow to breathe and remember to be grounded and to keep my worries from becoming big stories in my head. I’m trying to remember that freaking out won’t help. I need to be calm for everyone: myself, Jeff, and our kids.

Reporter: Does your 5 year old understand what’s going on?

Paige: I think as much as any of us do. In some ways it’s better for him because he’s not listening to the news, hearing all of the scary numbers in areas across the country...He’s just present. He misses his friends and he understands that there is a virus, but maybe that’s all anyone really needs to know. He’s really good at washing his hands and not touching his face.

Reporter: What do your kids think about what you do?

Paige: Honestly, they don’t like it because it takes us away from them (laughing), but maybe some little part of them thinks it’s cool that we’re known around town, but mostly I think they don’t want us to go to work. Our son, Wolf, has enjoyed being in our videos lately which has been awesome. He can really help now.

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