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5 Tips for Getting The Most of Your Jeff and Paige Patreon membership

Jeff and I are having a lot of fun navigating this new reality of bringing our business online–okay I’ll be honest it’s not always fun, we really miss our lives shows–but our online community through Patreon is making the missing manageable.  Check out Paige’s 5 tips for getting the most out of your Patreon membership! Not a member, check out the options here. 

  1. Join our Patron only live streams!They are so fun and creative with different themes every time. They are a great to feel a part of the whole community, plus you get direct interaction with Jeff and Paige!
  2. Complete audience polls through Patreon answering questions we ask the community so we can do the things you want and get the timing of our livestreams perfect for your schedule.
  3. Participate in our kid art and kid participation offerings(Energy Superhero and Triple Rainbow Supporters): send in pictures of your kids work (from the crafts and activities we offer) and take pictures of your kids enjoying Patreon, then we will send them back to you with cool enhancements like digital fashion shows, art galleries and more! Your kids will love seeing themselves as part of the community.
  4. Tell your friends so they can be in on the fun tooyou can interact with them in the chat bar and even do activities together (while apart) or actually together if they are in your crew. You can also use this to connect with family and friends who are far away, connecting in a meaningful way (i don’t know is this one a stretch??)
  5. Send us your comments, questions, and requestsIt helps us shape our content and bring you and your kids exactly what you are looking for! You can do this directly through patreon or email us directly. OR
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