Water is Life

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Writing songs for hire... it's always been a dream. And when our Boulder County Public Health Department and the Colorado statewide Healthy Beverage Partnership asked us to create this one we leaped at the opportunity.

After researching and winnowing down page after page of notes, Jeff settled on a first draft. He presented the early version to Paige who promptly sent him back to the drawing board. It took a few drafts and a few months before we were ready to share a demo with the Healthy Beverage Partnership (HBP). And... they gave it a big 'ol thumbs up!

And now it's time to share our carefully / joyfully crafted effort with you!

Big thanks to the HBP for giving us a chance to create educational art on their behalf and for reminding us that water is indeed the best choice for a day-to-day lifestyle no matter your age!