What does a membership come with?

Find the best fit for your learning needs.

Get Outdoors Explorer

This tier is great if you're looking for a way to test drive some of our content or want to get a taste of what our educational livestreams are like.

Triple Rainbow Hiker

Want a little more Jeff & Paige? If you're looking for a few on-demand activities and a couple of livestreams every month, then this is the perfect tier for you!

Energy Superhero

This membership tier is a great option for parents looking to supplement their child's learning with more activities and explorations!

School Pod Membership

This tier is especially for learning pods, educators, and schools. This membership covers your entire pod/school and comes with additional classroom resources to support online learning.

What makes our learning community unique?

Learning whenever you decide

Your membership unlocks live-streamed science and nature lessons on Monday's and a library of video activities and resources. These convenient options offer you the flexibility to choose how, when, and where you engage.

A playful approach to learning

We use original songs, storytelling, characters, costumes, props, and key phrases to help bring science and nature to life and reinforce concepts in our lessons and activities. We take a playful approach to science and our videos give kids something to actually do with what they're learning.

Made by parents and educators, for parents and educators.

As both parents and educators, we can relate to the challenges of both teaching and learning online.
Our content guide lets you filter our video lessons by topic and concepts taught, making lesson planning easy.

Flexible membership options and pricing

Memberships range between $5-$40.
With 4 different levels to choose from, there's something for everyone so you can pick the membership that best fits your unique needs and learning situation.

Parents and teachers are loving our learning community

I wanted to each out and thank your for the incredibly creative ecological musical playful learning adventures you're facilitating.

Deeply inspiring, playful, energetic, and ecologically on point 🙂

Amelie Community Member

A Jeff and Paige livestream virtual assembly was an amazing experience for our school! Their show was a helpful connection to our curriculum for several of our classes, but more importantly, it was a joyful hour of community connection. It was so fun to watch kids and parents comment during the show and that we're all experiencing it together. Thank you to Jeff and Page for bringing our families some extra levity and connection.

Nekanue Friends School Boulder

Thank you so much for these videos and being such a wonderful part of the Boulder community.

Keep on rocking and making STEAM so so fun!

Vivien Community Member