The lesson plans for Little Songs have been developed in collaboration with the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History Education Team. Special thanks to Cathy Regan, Sydney, and the Graduate Museum Research class for your hard work on developing, writing, and prototyping these activities.


Lesson 1: Air Pressure (Track 1)

Instructions: watch the video, read the lesson, gather your supplies, and complete the experiment at home or at school. Have fun!

Lesson 2: Autumn Leaves Fall (Track 11)

Use Coffee Filters, Rubbing Alcohol and Crushed Leaves to Observe Fall Colors

Lesson 3: Cactus (Track 3)

See How Cacti Store Water and Deflect Sunlight

Lesson 4: Cottonwood Trees (Track 5)

How Do Different Seeds Travel?

Lesson 5: Density (Track 10)

Make a Balancing Scale Out of a Clothes Hanger

Lesson 6: Earth Goes Around The Sunshine (Track 12)

A Game That Demonstrates How Sunlight Hits the Earth at Different Seasons

Lesson 7: Hotter Than Chocolate (Track 4)

What Foods Can You Melt With Your Body Heat?

Lesson 8: Rainbow (Track 9)

Make Your Own Simple Spectrocope to View A Rainbow Up Close!

Lesson 9: Rock, It's Remarkable (Track 7)

Create a Slowly Moving Glue Glacier to Witness Erosion in Action

Lesson 10: Static (Track 7)

Move Salt and Pepper with Static