Jeff & Paige SAP Camp Returns with 2 Weeks in 2017!

Week 1: June 26-30th, Week 2: Aug 7th-11th - SOLD OUT  (9am -1pm)

Age range: 5-10 (4 years olds entering Kindergarten in the fall = OK!)

Camp takes place at the Science Adventure Program's home base--a beautiful wild property on Gapter Road, near Baseline and Cherryvale (and the Bobolink Trail!) in Boulder, CO.

Philosophy & What to Expect:
You’ve been to a Jeff and Paige concert, what would a Jeff and Paige camp look like?

Did you know Jeff and Paige were teachers before they were, well “Jeff and Paige?” Have you heard of the Science Adventure Program (SAP)? Read on to learn more.

Jeff and Paige both hold Master's of Science degrees in Environmental Education (actually that’s how they first met, in grad school!) and before that, they both worked in classrooms and at camps and outdoor education centers.

Drawing on Jeff and Paige’s classroom and outdoor education experience, and on their work as performance artists, this camp combines outdoor explorations, music, science, and theater. Kids will learn the words and choreography to Jeff and Paige songs, they’ll have opportunities to perform during select closing concerts (parents invited to the performances and no obligation to perform for kids who'd rather watch) they’ll spend time outdoors exploring science and nature and oo-ah-ah-ing through science experiments, nature awareness activities, and more, all connected through songs and skits.

Who is SAP?-- Meet Christina

Christina de Martino is a dear friend and an environmental educator with over 20 years of experience! She began the Science Adventure Program (SAP) in 2010, when she started working with small groups of students after school in her own backyard. Since then her programs have expanded to include summer camps and for older students, overnight trips!

A veteran of Thorne Nature Experience, lover of spontaneity, and wise teacher to students of all ages, we are thrilled to partner with Christina to bring you Jeff and Paige Camp!

More about the Science Adventure Program:

At Science Adventure Program, our specialty is creating authentic outdoor experiences for all types of kids.  After adventuring, we return to the kids' home away from home, a mini-farm with animals and nature-spaces to engage their imagination. Through inquiry, exploration, group process, and truly student-directed learning, Science Adventure Program challenges kids to think for themselves, question what they think, and develop an open, curious mind. We believe these "real-life," "21st Century" skills will help them develop a lifelong love of learning and build confidence in themselves, serving them more in the long run than strictly academic content.  

The mixed age-ranges of SAP groups add value to students experiences. Older students get a chance to be leaders and teachers, younger students get a glimpse of what they can be like as a big kid. Everyone finds a role in this “it takes a village” philosophy.

Small groups: a 1:10 teacher: student ratio plus a field coordinator and high-school interns means that students will have plenty of one-on-one attention.

SAP courses take place on Christina’s beautiful wild property on Gapter Road, near Baseline and Cherryvale (and the Bobolink Trail!) in Boulder, CO. We’ll also venture onto Open Space, into and along the creek for some short hikes.

SAP Mission: