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We’re excited to sponsor Jeff and Paige for many reasons. We’ve seen their shows and gotten to know them off stage and have found they are exceptional people and performers who bring community together in a unique and personal way. We have also seen the joy they bring to the most important members of our community - young children and families. Using our marketing budget with Jeff & Paige is a really good investment, and the value goes much further than traditional advertising outlets. We are proud to support Jeff and Paige!
— Trent Davol, owner/founder of Pica's Restaurant

 Jeff and Paige fans are dedicated and growing. They're families that trust the Jeff and Paige brand and messaging. Companies and organizations that work with Jeff and Paige are pleased by the clever and original ways that the duo incorporates their branding and messages into live performances and online content.

Because Jeff & Paige are selective in their choice of partnering organizations you'll never have to worry about your messaging getting lost in the mix. Jeff and Paige use research, a personal touch, and clearly focused messaging to insure that their sponsorship customers are satisfied.

In 2018 businesses who sponsor Jeff and Paige will reach their active social media community, incredibly responsive email list, and will benefit from meaningful in-person mentions at every sponsored show. 

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