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Jeff and Paige work with like-minded organizations to create custom tailored performances that embody the heart of your messaging.

Over the 2017-2018 school year they've partnered with the City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) performing 29 live assemblies at 17 schools and reaching nearly 7,000 students and staff with OSMP’s message and branding.

Principals and administrators were thrilled to receive a free-to-the school assembly:

It was invaluably beneficial to have a program offered at no cost to our school. We have a diverse population with some students who would not be able to attend a concert in a setting outside the school (due to cost and transportation), so this truly allowed the whole student body to participate. Furthermore, with no money collected from anyone, the experience was equalized (ie, no one had to give more or less to attend; we didn’t have to handle scholarships on our end because it was completely sponsored). thank you Jeff and Paige and Open Space and Mountain Parks!!!

Teachers were thrilled to have a performance that was entertaining and that reinforced and connected to science standards:

The content was aligned and connected to the BVSD science standards and our students reacted positively to the singing and stories that were told throughout the show.  The format was engaging, age appropriate and the students and staff were talking about it for days.
— Terri Mitchell, Alicia Sanchez International School, BVSD
Did the program connect to science standards? Absolutely! Students learned about everything from how pet waste affects the ph of soil to how bacteria can live and thrive in water (and in one’s intestines!). Even better, students learned these things probably without being aware of how advanced the concepts were, simply because the presentation and song material was so fun and catchy!
— Kristen Lewis, Creekside Elementary School

Every student, at each of the visited schools, received Open Space and Mountain Parks -- “Passport to Adventure” reinforcing the OSMP mission, branding, and encouraging students to hit the trails with their families.  


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