How do I love Jeff and Paige? Let me count the ways!!! First, my kids (2 and 4 years old) are obsessed like groupie teenagers with these two, so just seeing them light up and explode with joy whenever they get to hear this music is enough. But then…Jeff and Paige are also incredibly talented musicians and story/songwriters, and their songs and stories are filled with fascinating and accessible learning about the natural world and environmentalism (yes, my 4 year old now understands what fossil fuels are and what makes an insect an insect). Still more! I love their songs and sing them with just as much enthusiasm as my kids. They are also wildly creative, funny, goofy, wholesome goodness, bringing kids, families, and communities together through their music and shows. I get to see them live here in Boulder, CO every week in the summer and its seriously the highlight of our family’s week. The world needs these guys, spread the love!
— Ellen, Mom & Fan

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