People We Love

It would not be possible to do this work without the support of many generous people. We're eternally grateful to all of the people on this page for their support and love. They've donated hundreds of hours of costumes, music, editing skills, photos and friendship. Thank you.

We'd like to raise a glass, give a shout out, and highly recommend the following people.


Caroline Colvin is an amazing photographer who lives in Louisville, Colorado. She specializes in family, baby, mom-to-be and wedding photography. She's taken many of the beautiful shots that you see on this website and two of our album photos (Get Outdoors! & 21st Century Energy Superheroes). In addition she photographed our wedding in the fall of 2013!

Mary Pettigrew is a passionate, inspired, graphic designer. She has worked with us on the graphic design for our three of our four albums. Ampersand Design offers communications with a conscience and Mary delivers on that message biking her kids to school, growing her own garden and completing amazing graphic design work.

Dave Kagan is Jeff's Dad and a dedicated photographer of performance! Dave works out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He loves to take photos of theatrical and musical performances and so much more. Many of his excellent photos appear here on our website. Learn more or hire him to shoot your show.

Josh & Seth Larson of Something Underground are dedicated and incredibly talented musicians. Their electric guitar, bass, and drums appear on many of our albums. Josh is also a burgeoning sound engineer. He mixed and mastered both Songs From the Trail and 21st Century Energy Superheroes. Check out their tight vocal harmonies and rock and roll performances in the Denver area.

Rachel Sliker, violinist, friend, and skilled teacher! If your little ones are looking for an excellent experience with a dedicated and fun violin teacher may we recommend Rachel Sliker? Rachel works in Boulder, Colorado. She is also in an outstanding band, Princess Music, that you can catch doing shows in the Denver area and beyond.

Carrie Fross is a costume designer extraordinaire! She has helped dream up, create, sew, stitch, tape... costumes for all four of our CD Release Shows, all this in her spare time and from the generosity of her own marvelous heart. If you want to have Carrie design a mini version of our honey bee or bat costumes you can contact her at:

Alycia Bouyounan is a fellow environmental educator, photographer, and artist. Alycia's incredible nature photography has graced the Get Outdoors! CD and her drawing skills created the design for our 21st Century Energy Superhero CD logo. Her nature photography is all over this website. If you would like to see more of her photos or buy prints for a very reasonable price contact her at: