Welcome to the Little Songs, Big Science: Musical STEAM For Kids Curriculum Page!

Below you’ll find an accumulating collection of lesson plans (one for each song), videos (one for each song) and more. These resources will be added as they become available.
To get to the next stage of this project we need your help!


Together we can…

-Create educational music videos for each new song.
-Bring the new album to preschools and people of all backgrounds.
-Develop and distribute lesson plans for each science concept / song.
When all of these steps are complete Little Songs, Big Science will be, not just a kids' music album, it will be a mini do-it-yourself-science curriculum.

Jeff and Paige aim to donate this full curriculum (album, lesson plans, and music videos) to preschools throughout Boulder County -- from home schools to public schools and ALL Boulder Valley School District PreK - 1st Grade classrooms. Learn more about the project and contribute:


The lesson plans for Little Songs have been developed in collaboration with the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History Education Team. Special thanks to Cathy Regan, Sydney, and the Graduate Museum Research class for your hard work on developing, writing, and prototyping these activities.

1st Lesson: Air Pressure -TRACk One

Instructions: watch the video, read the lesson, gather your supplies, and complete the experiment at home or at school. Have fun!

Make Straw Rockets - Air Pressure Lesson

Check back frequently for new additions! And in the meantime, contribute if you can!

We aim to have all content complete by March, 2019.


For all your support in continuing to spread a message of joy, hope, and love for science and the natural world, thank you. By creating this campaign our aim is to help create the next generation of environmental stewards and we cannot possibly do this without you. With so much gratitude, thank you for your support. ~Jeff and Paige