Kids Take the Outside Everyday Challenge

We’re thrilled that so many people pledged to participate in the Outside Everyday Challenge!

It was a blast and we loved seeing all of the clips from our online community of what your kids love to do when they get outdoors.

We promised you a video compilation and here it is! Enjoy hearing these young voices share what they enjoy about being outside.

If you haven’t gotten around to the challenge yet, you can check it out here and make your pledge to get the children in your care outside everyday (especially during this pandemic).

We can’t wait to dive into this summer with you with some brand new content offerings! Stay tuned for our June livestream schedule.

Jeff & Paige

Replay - Meadow Music in May Livestream

Check out Sunday's full length kids' concert. Special guest appearances from Meadow Music Mark and OSMP Mascot Coyote Bob (We didn't even know about the coyote!). Rain kicks in halfway through the show but we kept it rockin'!
1) Get Outdoors 2) Ungulate 3) Hotter Than Chocolate 4) Row Row Your Boat 5) Triple Rainbow 6) Black Widow 7) Scoop-a-Doop-Poop 8) Other Side of the Road

Make a Nature Object Rubbing!

We hope you're enjoying getting #OutsideEveryday!

During this week's #ThorneThursday activity with Thorne Nature Experience, we went outside to make some nature object rubbings. Crayons, paper, a walk outside and you are ready to go with this simple art and nature exploration. Instrucciones en español con Miguel a 2:39.

Have fun trying this where you live. Download the printable activity for instructions.

Jeff & Paige

Create a nature sound map

Happy #ThorneThursday everyone!

We hope you're enjoying getting outside every day for the #OutsideEveryday Challenge! If you haven't already, you can join the challenge here.

Today, we're exploring the soundscapes of nature by making a nature sound map. This is an easy activity that encourages children to listen carefully to the sound all around them and where they are coming from. Instrucciones en español con Miguel a 1:55.

Grab a writing utensil and your nature journal, find a quiet spot outside and make a nature sound map! Download the activity for the complete instructions. 

Thank you all for your support on Patreon! We'll see you tomorrow.

Jeff & Paige

Thorne Thursday Maraca Craft

Nature time with Jeff - EGATS

During today’s nature time with Jeff, we’ll take a trip around the sun and find out what happens during the earth’s rotation.

Jeff & Paige

Shake like a rattlesnake with DIY Nature Maracas | Thorne Thursday

Come and shake with us! Make your own maracas using things you find outside your front door. You’ll need a container—paper towel or toilet paper tube, plastic bottle or yogurt container. Head out for a walk and look for objects to fill your maracas and seal with tape or a lid. Then shake like a rattlesnake with us. Instrucciones en español con Miguel a 2:46.

Don't forget to make your pledge to #outsideeveryday #cadadìaafuera on the website:  We're still collecting clips for our video compilation! There's still time to send yours in. Take a video of the children in your care going outside. Tell us your name, where you are, what you're doing outside, and how being outside makes you feel. Email the video to

Thorne Thursday Maraca Craft

A Replay of 5/10 Livestream Concert

Missed today's concert? Or weren't able to login (yes, we know some of you tried unsuccessfully to join us and we are soooooo sorry)? Click here to catch the reply in its entirety. Happy Mother's Day!

Disco's Here, Dat Goes There Dance Party!

It's time for another dance party and today, it's disco-themed!

We recently teamed up with Eco-Cycle for this groovy lesson in zero-waste. Get up and get moving to this video and learn about what goes in the recycling, compost, and landfill!

Download the activity to practice sorting the juice box, banana peel, and chip bag.

Jeff & Paige

Disco's Here, Dat Goes There Activity


We are crazy about bats! We have a lot of educators in our community, so today’s activity includes a special video made just for teachers of our bats song. Watch the video and do the bat craft to make your own bat.

Then write or draw a story about a bat. If you made a nature journal with us last week maybe you could put the story there!

Send your stories with words and pictures to and we will make a video gallery with your work.

If you have an older learner consider using these keywords in your story: ecosystem, mosquitoes, insects, species, nocturnal, and murcielago ( the Spanish word for bats)!

Jeff & Paige

Replay of Tulip, Elf and Fairy Fest Livestream - 4.26

Missed the Tulip, Elf, and Fairy livestream concert today? Good news! You can rewatch it here.

We also have a special pollinator printable activity (just for our Patreon subscribers) attached to this post that you can do from home.

We love sharing these livestream events with you! It really helps us feel more connected with our community during these difficult times.

Our next livestream is a special Q&A for Patreon subscribers this coming Wednesday, April 29 at 3:30pm. Save your spot here!

See you tomorrow!

Jeff & Paige

A Moment of Peace

During today’s moment of peace, we’ll focus on our breathing and talk about our feelings.

We’re often so busy that we forgot to stop, take a moment to breathe and to feel whatever is going on inside of us.

So let’s take this mindful moment to do that together!

Jeff & Paige

Make Your Own Nature Journal

Who doesn't love a good craft? Today is #ThorneThursday and we’re making a nature journal that you can use to capture those special moments spent #OutsideEveryday in nature.

This craft is super simple and only requires a few materials.

Once it's done, have fun taking your journal outside and interviewing a rock, plant, or natural feature. To find out how to do this, download the printable activity to get the instructions. 

We've put some suggestions in there and possible questions you might ask in order to get to know that part of nature better.

If you haven't taken the pledge yet to do the #OutsideEveryday challenge yet, you can jump in right here. We're loving all the videos of you guys getting outside. Please keep 'em coming to!

See you tomorrow!

Jeff & Paige

Earth Day Livestream Replay

Watch the free replay of our extended "Sink or Float" and mini concert.

Nature Art Treasure Map

In today’s activity, Jeff shows us one of the ways we can stay connected without screens.

What special things are you doing to stay connected with the people you love during this time? Let us know!

Jeff & Paige

Share the Road - Music Video


Happy Sunday!

Going for a bike ride is a great way to get #OutsideEveryday. Let’s all remember to give plenty of space and to share the road.

And speaking of getting outside everyday...

Don’t forget to send in your videos to for the Outside Everyday Challenge.

Tell us your name, where you are, what you’re doing outside, and how being outside makes you feel. We love seeing your videos and hearing about how you experience the great outdoors!

Jeff & Paige

Rocky Mountain Love Song

During today’s nature time, Jeff is performing a special song he wrote and performed for Paige on their wedding day.

We hope you’ll join us next Wednesday, April 22 at 11am (MT) for an Earth Day livestream where we’ll explore density through science experiments.

Here’s the link. Save your spot!

Thank you for watching and for being a part of this online community and supporting our work.

We look forward to bringing you more activities and moments for connection! See you tomorrow.

Jeff & Paige

Fog Walk and Fizzy Vinegar Art

Head outside with Wolf, Alice, and Paige to discover the mystery of fog. Then stay tuned for a fun and fizzy activity you can do outdoors or indoors!

The forecast predicts snow again this Thursday in Colorado. Why not bundle up and head outside to explore the fog? See what questions your kids might have. Fog is a curious thing.

Thank you all for your support on Patreon and for making these educational activities and experiences possible. Keep tuning in for more fun this week!

Jeff & Paige

Outside Everyday Challenge

Join Jeff and Paige in the #OutsideEverydayChallenge! Learn more and make your pledge at  With schools closed and activities canceled, it is more important than ever for kids to get outside. Time outside is critical to the physical and mental health and well-being of our children.

Make a pledge to get the children you care for Outside Every Day!   We are aware that there is a spelling error in the hashtag #CadaDíaAfuera in the text of the video. And we apologize for the misspelling! We hope any misspelling you do is outside!

Sign up for daily content at  OR if you've been affected by the current crisis sign up for free access thanks to our sponsors here:

Cada Día Afuera (Outside Everyday Challenge En Español)

¡Participen en el reto de salir afuera todos los días con Jeff y Paige¡

Con las escuelas cerradas y las actividades canceladas, es más importante que nunca salir al aire libre diariamente. El tiempo afuera es crítico para el bienestar físico y mental de nuestros hijos. ¡Haga la promesa de sacar a sus niños afuera todos los días!

Superhero Sunday

Hey everyone!

It's Superhero Sunday and we've got some energy to save. Strap on your jetpack and get ready to fly around the house with us as we find the energy vampires. We'll turn-off, unplug, and explore some easy ways to save energy and resources.

Download the Energy Superhero Checklist attached to this post and see what you can do to start saving energy around your home. 

Finally, don't forget to watch the music video for our song 21st Century Energy Superheroes.

We'll see you tomorrow!


Jeff & Paige

Energy Superhero Checklist

Social Distance on Trails

What are some ways we can practice social and physical distancing outdoors?

Watch this video to find out.

Parents, what are some ways that you’ve been talking with your kids about practicing physical distancing? Let us know in the comments.

Speaking of distancing, we are so excited for our interactive live stream concert this Saturday, April 11 at 4pm! (11/11... Easy to remember, right?).

It’s all made possible by the City of Boulder Parks and Rec, The Boulder Public Library, and the Boulder Library Foundation.

We hope you’ll join us and we can’t wait to see you all.

Jeff & Paige

Centripetal Force

Monday Merch Giveaway

Happy Monday!

Today, we’re celebrating over 100 Patreon members with a Merch giveaway.

Watch the video to find out if you won the drawing for a Merch bundle from our store.

We’ll see you tomorrow!

Jeff & Paige

What Is It?

It’s an ungulate drawing activity!

Ungulates are primarily mammals that have hooves.

When they’re not being chased by predators in the grassy plains, you can often find them looking for a good herbivore-friendly sandwich. (Ordered to-go of course!)

Image by PBS Learning

Deer, elk, and bighorn sheep are just some of the ungulates that are native to Colorado.

Watch the video to learn more about these animals and talk about which ones you might have seen before.

Then draw a picture of your favorite ungulate! Look up what that animal eats and where it lives and include that in the picture.

You can also think about the different features of your chosen animal. If they have horns, how do they come in handy? If they run fast, how does that help them survive?

We’d love to see all of your animal drawings! If you’d like to share your drawing with us, just snap a photo and email it to

Have fun and we’ll see you tomorrow for our Monday Merch Giveaway!

Jeff & Paige

Gloomy Day Jar Art Experiment

Quartz Experiment

Happy Friday!

We had some technical difficulties yesterday so thank you all for your patience with us as we worked to get this activity posted.

Enjoy this easy science experiment that explores electricity generated by quartz rocks. Wanna take it one step further? Try this "Make Your Own Eroding Glacier Experiment" from our "Little Songs, Big Science" activity page.


Thank you to our Great Outdoors Explorers, Triple Rainbow Supporters, and Energy Superheroes for supporting us on Patreon. We couldn't do this without you.

Stay tuned for more exciting activities coming this week!

Jeff & Paige

A Moment of Peace with Paige

Nature Story Time With Joe the Black Bear

Bats (Oh, Baby!)

Habitat Activity

Tea Party

Carnivore Roar Dance Party and game show, animal diet match!

Campfire Story Time

Super Hero Sunday Jet Pack Activity

Meet a Tree Activity

Dance Party at Home in Weird Places!

Air Pressure Music Video & Experiment

Green Green Green Green Story Time!