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Bear Surprisimal T-shirt

Shock, surprise and delight your friends and family brown bear style! Jeff and Paige are thrilled to announce all sizes of their next original, flip-up t-shirt. We will ship them right to your door.

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Bobcat Surprisimal T-Shirt

Jeff & Paige present the latest breakthrough in educational animal t-shirt technology. The authentic surprising action Surprisimal T-Shirt - Bobcat Edition!

Surprise your friends and family! Wear it at home, at school, at Jeff & Paige shows, wear it every day of the week! Every Suprisimal Bobcat Shirt is guaranteed to shock, surprise and delight!

UPDATE : July '17 - We currently only have a few adult bobcat shirts available for purchase. We're just starting to talk reorder. Sign up on our email list to be the 1st to know when our new shirts arrive, and to be sure you get the right size!

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We're happy to announce that our most recent album, Mighty Wolf, won the National Parenting Product Award!

Mighty Wolf is a music CD that is both educational and entertaining. Cheerful songs jubilantly performed by Jeff & Paige teach young children about insect migration, adaptations of arctic wildlife, lightning safety, ladybug ecology, spider anatomy, the Appalachian trail, and much more. Parents and caretakers will also enjoy these lilting, musical appreciations of the magnificent wonders of nature and science! Highly recommended.
— — Midwest Book Review

The School Library journal calls “Get Outdoors!” A must have for every collection! Veteran children’s performers Kagan and Doughty really hit all the right notes with Get Outdoors! The majority of the album focuses on nature and ecology, with an emphasis on bats, mosquitos, meadowlarks, trees, and plate tectonics. Other songs highlight the need for bicyclists and cars to share the road and the proper technique for crossing the street. Employing a variety of musical genres, each song features beautiful lyrics and music that ranges from upbeat dance and sing-along tunes to songs as gentle as a lullaby...  Get Outdoors! is fun and educational, but never didactic. Teachers will like using this album in class while families will enjoy listening to it over and over again. A must-have for every collection.
— Veronica De Fazio, Plainfield Public Library District, IL

She gets in & out of our little red car and demands “Put on Jeff and Paige. I want Jeff and Paige.” She sees me pedal off and says “bicycle instead.”She is addicted.Her newest words are “exosphere,” “mesosphere,” and “Old Lady MgGee.” It is really hilarious. She actually sits in her car seat (age 20 months) and sings along. Well, she is always a few seconds behind… kind of like, Jeff & Paige say “Vampire brother!” and then a few seconds later she mumbles “brother.” Although I swear the other day she beat you to it and said “technological isolation.” I think she will know every word to every song by age 3. We cannot even go close to our car without her saying ‘listen to Jeff and Paige.’
— Kyle, Dad and Teacher

Wow! I am amazed by you guys. What you are doing for kids and this planet is extraordinary. I cried through half your performance on Saturday as my kids just went for it at your show. They are just loving your music, and really connecting with you two. What you are doing is so much more than what it appears. Its deep and powerful and transformative. Thanks for being your talented, goofy selves. My kids so look up to you both!!! Thank you!!!
— Ellen, Mom and Therapist

My 4 yr old daughter is now dressing like Paige and cries if we don’t play your CD’s in the car every time we drive. She is learning so much! She desperately wants to go hiking everyday now! I couldn’t have asked for a better influence to encourage getting outdoors and learning and especially a distraction from princesses and TV! Thank you so much!!
— Mom and Fan

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